You have a lot of choices when it comes to booking a family photographer. Therefore, I want to make that decision easier by giving you three helpful reasons to book you premium family photos with me.

Dress the Part

A very important, often over looked key factor in achieving stunning family photos, is what you wear. I think clients unintentionally drop the ball in this category because it’s overwhelming and hard to put multiple outfits together in a stylish and camera ready way.

Because I want you to have the best most beautiful family portraits, I give you all the tools to successfully dress your family. One way that I do this is that I create a what to wear vision board specifically for your family. I put outfits together that coordinate in a sophisticated, natural, and breezy way. You know that kind of effortlessness that is anything but.

Three Helpful Reasons to Book Your Premium Family Photos with Me warm neutrals
Three Helpful Reasons to Book Your Premium Family Photos with Me spring what to wear

Easy Family Photos

Little Kids, teenage guys, dads? No problem. Portrait sessions with me are super laid back and I do everything I can to make them painless for even the least enthusiastic member of the family.

For little kids, I make the session as fun as possible. We play games and keep it active so the kids feel like it’s play time and definitely not sit and smile at the camera time. And if playing doesn’t do the job, we make sure that little one gets tons and tons of cuddles. Some of my favorite photos have come from uncooperative toddlers.

My approach with teenage guys and dads is to have zero expectations of them. What I don’t do is overtly silicate smiles. Because nothing makes someone want to smile less is being forced to smile. Another thing I do is start with wide angle pulled back images so that their expressions are not a factor in the image. This gives them time to relax and get a sense of how I work. I’ve been pretty lucky over the years because I’ve never had a client that didn’t come around to the process.

Experience Makes it Easy

Something you may not know about me is that I have been a portrait photographer for 11 years. That is eleven years of planning and executing portrait sessions for all kinds of families. I’ve worked with families with babies, toddlers, teenagers, adult children, and even dog children. Some families were easy and some were more challenging, and I enjoyed them all.

Experience allows me to anticipate issues and work around them before you even notice them. It also allows me to focus on your family’s dynamic so that we create the best possible final product. I know what works and I now what doesn’t. And most importantly I know how to guide you to what works with a light touch.

Three Helpful Reasons to Book Your Premium Family Photos with Me mom and teenage daughter

Now that you have three helpful reasons to book your premium family photos, contact me here to schedule your session today. And in the meantime, check out this family session for more inspiration.

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