It’s a bucket list location so let me tell you how to get romantic Brooklyn Bridge photos with your person.

The absolute best thing you can do to get romantic Brooklyn Bridge Photos is to be at your location before sunrise. This accomplishes two very important factors. First of all, you will get soft even light. This is only available before the sun gets too high in the sky. You will avoid distracting shadows and everyone will look amazing.

The second thing you accomplish is beating the crowd. Brooklyn Bridge is a very popular spot in a very popular city. According to, an average of 30,000 pedestrians cross the bridge on a daily basis. Your photos will be much better without a ton of random people in them. In addition, the privacy will let you get cozier and more romantic with your partner.

Lastly, my advice is to hire me. LOL Seriously, I will make the whole process super easy and make gorgeous photos for you. So message me today! Find more of this session here.

How to Get Romantic Brooklyn Bridge Photos couple

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