Well, they may be hard to get in front of the camera, but getting your teens in the photos is so important. I admit, I struggle with this myself. My eighteen year old won’t let me take her photo unless she has full hair and makeup (insert major eye roll), and my fifteen year old won’t let me take his photos because he thinks I will post it and heaven forbid, his friends see it (double eye roll). The struggle is real! But I still believe it is important to get the photos of our big kids, because our time left with them is getting more and more limited as they grow…shoot, I think I feel a few tears coming on!

These two kids were absolute troopers, and they arrived warm and friendly, and killed every single shot. We knocked this out remarkably fast, and they got back to their lives in hardly any time at all. I loved hanging with them, and hearing about what is going on in their lives…  where they are going to university – what they want to study- the hardships they had been through recently.  I left feeling very happy for mom knowing that she has these great images of her big kids. Because these are so adorable! And now she has them forever.

If your teens refuse to let you take photos of them, remind them gently that their time in your orbit and your home is limited and you want to hold onto as much as you can!

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