Well, congratulations, everyone! We have made it through the craziest spring on record! And while the immediate future is still riddled with question marks, in this moment, we have something to smile about: It’s finally summer!

I love making lists of the photos I want to take, because it reminds me to be intentional. Otherwise, it’s far too easy to let the months slip by without any new snapshots! So, I have a fun little list for you today, and while you are out with friends and family, make sure to grab these photos. By the end of the season, you’ll have a full camera roll, ready to be turned into a slideshow or album. You will have the story of your summer, and something to remember for all time!

Long Island Portrait Photographer Summer


Snap those memories and have the best summer ever! We all deserve a good one this year!

Download your handy shot list here.

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