Styling your entire family is no easy task, but this mama knocked it outta the park! All her boys were so handsome, and I loved the mix of cozy sweaters and different textures. It’s always very nice when everyone is coordinating but not perfectly matching, because it looks really modern and polished. The leaves were turning pretty quickly this year, but we managed to get to Silver Lake Park right here in town, which still had some really nice colors.

Silver Lake Park is nestled on Staten Island, and has lots of recreational trails and activities for families. It was the perfect spot for this active and beautiful family. We did photos of the boys individually and together, and yes, mom and dad even got a few keepsake images of their own! I find so many couples do family photos but don’t have any together, so I always try to give them a few without the kids. I loved working with these five wonderful humans, and hope they come back to visit me again soon!

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