A wedding day is one filled with hustle and bustle, and it passes in a blur. For the photographer, there are so many steps that lead up the amazing vows or ceremony, including the prep, the little details, and the excitement of the bridal party! I love when couples ask me to be their photographer, because I feel honored to be a part of those magical moments throughout their big day…it feels like I am part of their family and loved ones, and many of my couples have remained close to my heart after their wedding date. Although I’m always up for a great party and love the way they make me feel welcome, it comes down to photographing the bride and groom’s memories and doing so authentically. They want to be able to exist in the moment, and not worry about whether I am getting the right snap of the cake or the dress, and so it’s up to me! I always emphasize that it is one great reason to hire a veteran wedding photographer, because you can rest assured that you will not have any moments missed, even the ones that pass in a blur. You want to be able to look back at your photos and think, “Oh! I’m so glad they captured this moment and that one, because I completely forgot about that!”

That’s what I made sure to do at this beautiful wedding at Seatuck in Islip…capture memories!  It has a magical earthy feel complete with a castle and surrounded by nature.  It’s one of my favorite locations, and it is the stuff fairy tales are made of! This pair was filled with joy in every minute, and I found myself smiling all day long at their excitement to begin their life together. Congratulations, you two!

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