I became a photographer when my kids were five and eight, and I started booking with my cherished family clients right away. I feel so grateful things went so well, but I kinda missed the baby train! I get to photograph a few babies a year, but I’ve realized that just isn’t enough for me! I love babies, and the cuteness is practically unbearable. Babies are also a really fun way to stretch my imagination and creativity as I think up ways to pose and style these littlest clients.

I’ve always wanted to do a milk bath session. The idea is so romantic and bohemian, and the babies always look adorable. I was so excited when my little friend here (and her parents) loved the idea. I got to work putting together the details, and it turned out to be just a touch harder than I’d imagined. Particularly finding the right “bathtub”, since I’d need to shoot it form several different angles. Imagine my delight when I came across this beautiful, antique bathtub on eBay of all places! Even it’s tiny rustic imperfections were just what I was looking for, and were perfect. Usually the little babes are naked for these sessions (it’s a bath, after all!), but I had an idea for lace. Of course, Etsy always has what I need when it comes to wraps or outfits, and I found this lace onesie.  The other pieces: the lace bunting, the fluffy rug, and the flower crown, all came together beautifully. Little Miss and her beautiful, big dark eyes were the showstopper!

Interested in a milk bath shoot for your sweet baby? We can do a shoot similar to this one, or dream up something different. Just reach out via our contact tab, and we’ll be ready to go!

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