I have a definite soft spot for the sessions where there are sweet little ones to play with! I am totally a kid person, and I adore helping families find the beauty in what I refer to as “the little years”. It can be hard, because as a parent, you are very tired and it’s hard to enjoy the moments you are living. These two cuties are all over the place, and they were having a ball. I had the BEST time chasing them around and playing games; the joy comes through every image through the smiles, cuddles, and tickles!

It’s pretty common that every parent I meet gets worried that their little ones are being too energetic or crazy during a family session. They also get worried that I won’t be able to get any good portraits, or that I will judge them for the way their children are acting. I promise that I never worry about wiggly kiddos or very busy toddlers. In fact, I love active children, and think they make for more authentic photos than the ones where the kids are forced to sit still! I love letting the kids move the session forward with their energy and smiles, because it shows their real personalities. Even when parents think they want the “perfect” photo (and I do strive to get some pretty amazing shots!), when they see the images of their kids laughing, running, and playing, they realize that these are the memories they truly want to remember. They tell the story of who their kids are at that time in their lives. I mean, aren’t these the sweetest memories?

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