Yes, you could get typical, boring, and run-of-the-mill headshots for your medical or professional practice. BUT I think you’ll benefit from ones that are a little more fun. This dermatology practice wanted some headshots that showcased their personalities in a professional and polished way. If you are not familiar with the different styles of photographs, you may find this article helpful – what is a headshot. Headshots are usually the style of choice as they convey a sense of professionalism, well, that’s the traditional take on them anyway. Business professionals are tending to sway away from the traditional sense of marketing these days in terms of the use of social media, so I see it fit that photography evolves to match this trend. Companies are trading in the black and white, shoulder up shots for vibrant, atmospheric ones, such as these.

This group from Gramercy Park Dermatology are a warm welcoming group of doctors and staff and wanted to put that image forward to potential patients. The name is Gramercy Park Dermatology because they are located right off Gramercy Park in the quiet neighborhood of the same name, surrounded by brownstones and plenty of upscale restaurants and bars. Dr. Frank has lifelong ties to the neighborhood, so of course it was the perfect setting for these natural light, relaxed head shots.

A headshot or staff photo can really put your best foot forward, and can build trust with your clients or customers. They can also show a more lighthearted aspect of your business, that makes you more welcoming, and they can lend a beautiful touch to your office lobby or marketing materials.

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