The rise of social media and Facebook and Instagram has brought us many awesome advances. It feels pretty awesome to watch the number of followers you have grow, although this growth can be even quicker when you have an instagram manager. If you are interested in using something like this to increase your followers, I highly suggest you take some time to research the best ways of doing so. I have seen nitreo recommended by many, so carried out my own research by Googling “nitreo reviewed“. I won’t tell you what I found out, but instead leave you to make up your own mind. In addition to this, you can find online reviews for pretty much any Instagram tool. I would always recommend you take a look at these before jumping in, whether it be nitreo, Kicksta, or Upleap to name a few. As much as I like gaining followers, one of my favorite things is that these platforms have become scrapbooks of our lives. Instead of photo albums, we whip out our smartphones, and instead of slideshows, we scroll down Instagram. We share these over real time messaging protocol (or rtmp) platforms. We take so, so many photos every day; of our kids, our spouse, our landscapes and cities, and great meals and beautiful cups of coffee. I love it! As an artist and a photographer, I enjoy seeing so many perspectives.

But, we tend to take these photos and then forget about them. They are records of our lives, but we simply leave them on our devices, instead of printing them and enjoying them. We don’t have as many archives of tangible memories for our precious loved ones, and that is why I encourage people to print, print, print! That is why some smart people at ChatBooks have come up with a genius way to do this in a very easy way.

This app lets you create a photo album of the images from Instagram and FB all from your smart phone or the website. Soft cover books start at $8 and hardcovers start at $12. You can also set it up to make book automatically! You can print one or multiple volumes. The interface is super easy to use and the final product is very nice, as you can see below!

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