There is a genre of portraiture returning with a vengeance: the glamour photos. Now, glamour photography has a reputation for being from the 80’s and cheesy as heck. ¬†However, I think that you’ll agree…these gorgeous, classic images are anything but cheesy! This style of photography has evolved into an inspired art form that creates portraits that leave a legacy; portraits that will be loved and cherished today and tomorrow, and always. Portraits that children and grandchildren will tuck into albums, or frame on their walls, and show their children. These editorial style, high-end, luxury images have become meaningful to women of all ages, and I love being the one to bring out their confidence and beauty.

So many times, it’s mom behind the camera taking the photos. As moms, we want to commemorate our kids’ childhoods and we want to make sure they have lots of photos to do so. As women, we also have a million reasons of why we aren’t ready to get in front of the camera; we need to lose those extra ten pounds, we want to touch up the hair color on our roots, we don’t love the way we look in photos…Then our children grow up and wonder: where are all the photos of mom?

Instead, take time for yourself and get your portraits done. You’ll feel beautiful, and leave a lasting legacy for your children that they will thank you for in years to come.


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