I touched on this a little bit in my last blog (find it here if you missed it), but I wanted to share a few more pre-Bat Mitzvah portraits today. Like I mentioned before, there is a growing trend of enlarging portraits for the child of honor, and hanging them as wall decor. As a photographer, it’s pretty awesome to see my work in four-by-three foot formats. But alas, these photographs are never about me! They are all about the subject and who they are….what life is about for them in this moment. Sometimes, that’s as simple as a sweet smile, crinkled nose, or adorable dimple. It’s a laugh, a genuine emotion, and a twinkle in the eye. The fun part is that they can choose fun outfits, not just fancy dresses or stuffy formalwear. I love the cute graphic tee this sweet girl donned, and the way it shows personality. I always hope these kids are proud of the portraits, but even more proud of who they are as a person. I love handing these over to them and all their friends and family.

What a joyous time it is for the clients who want to document their big day in this fashion! Are you interested in a pre Bat or Bar Mitzvah session? I’d love to chat with you about what you’re looking for, and how my simple and modern portraits are the perfect way to celebrate. You can find out more about my session options, including my spotlight sessions, right HERE.

long-island-new-york-natural-light-studio-portraits teenlong-island-new-york-natural-light-studio-portraits casual outfitlong-island-new-york-natural-light-studio-portraits pre bat mitzvah long-island-new-york-natural-light-studio-portraitslong-island-new-york-natural-light-studio-portraits bat mitzvah posterlong-island-new-york-natural-light-studio-portraits fine art portraitlong-island-new-york-natural-light-studio-portraits fine art teen portraitslong-island-new-york-natural-light-studio-portraits back light and flower crownlong-island-new-york-natural-light-studio-portraits pre bat mitzvah fine art portraitslong-island-new-york-natural-light-studio-portraits back light teen portrait long-island-new-york-natural-light-studio-portraits fine art studio portraits




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