Well, I’m off to Charleston this week! I am so excited to meet up with some of my fellow photographers from all over the country. San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, Illinois and New York will be just some of the cities represented. Last year, we met up in New Orleans. It was my very first visit to that gorgeous city and the perfect trip. New Orleans has rich history and is truly a melting pot of cultures, cuisine, and music. There were so many beautiful colors, sights to see, delicious eateries to try, and an unending supply of laughter and fun.

My favorite New Orleans moment was waking up on the first day and roaming the streets looking for local specialty: the beignet! I could eat one of those every day! We found Cafe Beignet on Bourbon Street, and stumbled upon a group of the most talented kids jamming in the open air. If I had left at that moment, I would have still considered it a success! You can see those kids in this video here.

Below are some of my favorite images from that trip…you can really feel the rich culture and heritage of the city in these snippets!

new orleans vacation photoview from a trolleynew orleans trolleywhere the horses where tied upstreet signNew Orleans Cemetery Lafayette No 1Voodoo Tomb in New OrleansSt. Louis Cemetery No. 1St. Louis no 1 New OrleansNew Orleans Cemetery Texture and age in St. Louis No. 1 CemeteryAlways a nook to be discovered in the city of New OrleansWondering around New OrleansBourbon street first thing in the morningI'm a sucker for a cool treeTexture and age on a New Orleans Wallso much fun in New Orleans

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