You are going to look at these photos and be like, “Hey Leslie, did you hire models for this session?”

While I can totally see why you would say that, no… this family is just that gorgeous!  These little guys were so much fun to chase around.  They are bursting with personality and they adore their mommy and daddy.  I think that one of the defining characteristics of children this age is play.  The kids are so playful, and that really makes my job joyful.  There really is nothing more fun than getting caught up in little ones playing around every corner and turning everything into a game…they are at such an irreplaceable age and full of imagination. I believe in letting children be children and documenting them and their real personalities. Those smiles? Those are real! We caught the perfect light in Manhasset park, and I can’t get over the beautiful setting.

I’d love so very much to capture your family in 2016. Remember that these years go by SO fast, and now is the time to schedule family portraits before your calendar fills and the days blur together! For more information on my family sessions, click here.


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