Thirteen: It’s a big year for kids.  The official title of “teenager” arrives, and everything that comes with that kicks in.  You hear all kinds of horror stories about how the teenage years are so hard, but I feel that’s a bit unfair. I work with many teenagers, and some are outgoing, some are shy, some come ready to participate and others want to be told what to do, but they are all so wonderful and respectful. Of course, parents only bring their kids to me if their kid really wants to be there, but I believe kids this age can really rise to the occasion and surprise us!

This handsome guy recently celebrated his bar mitzvah. Always a special occasion for the young person and their family, I love shooting bar and bat mitzvahs. We took these photos to accompany his theme, so he could use them at his party with family and friends. He was completely a natural in front of the camera, and our session was a total success. We had a lot of fun together with these action shots. His mom helped by throwing the football from out of frame, which was a great idea! I added a couple photos from the party so you can see how the images were used.  How cool is that football game!

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Manhattan Bar Mitzvah Portraits catching football


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