We hold onto a great deal of who we where at the age of thirteen, but sometimes the details get murky. One of my jobs as a portrait photographer is to make beautiful portraits that say something about the subject.  A great way to do this is to focus the teen photo shoot around the subject’s favorite interests, like sports, music, or art.  That is what we did her with my young friend, who you’ll meet below.  She likes what she likes and we showed the world exactly what the interests are that she is passionate about. We now know how she likes to spend her time. Surfing, skateboarding, and basketball all hold their place in her life right now. These images will remind her of her youth, tell her kids what she was like as a kid, give her grandkids a piece of her. That is generations of family that gain something with just a single shoot.

I encourage all my clients to invest in legacy portraits, in order to preserve these amazing memories.

long-island-new-york-pre-bat-mitzvah-photo-shoot bat mitzvah skateboard posterlong-island-new-york-pre-bat-mitzvah-photo-shoot Oceanside Park skateboardlong-island-new-york-pre-bat-mitzvah-photo-shoot black and white portraitlong-island-new-york-pre-bat-mitzvah-photo-shoot sporty girllong-island-new-york-pre-bat-mitzvah-photo-shoot skateboardlong-island-new-york-pre-bat-mitzvah-photo-shoot oceanside bat mitzvah girllong-island-new-york-pre-bat-mitzvah-photo-shoot skateboard girllong-island-new-york-pre-bat-mitzvah-photo-shoot basketball girllong-island-new-york-pre-bat-mitzvah-photo-shoot bat mitzvah posterslong-island-new-york-pre-bat-mitzvah-photo-shoot sporty girl portraitlong-island-new-york-pre-bat-mitzvah-photo-shoot surfer girl in Long Beachlong-island-new-york-pre-bat-mitzvah-photo-shoot girl loves to surflong-island-new-york-pre-bat-mitzvah-photo-shoot girl and surf boardlong-island-new-york-pre-bat-mitzvah-photo-shoot surfer girllong-island-new-york-pre-bat-mitzvah-photo-shoot loves to surf in Long Beach skateboard and basketball sessionsurfer girl photos

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