One year old. How that first year flies by…turning those itty bitty swaddled babes into mobile, toothy, laughing little sweeties! That first year transforms both parents and child, bonding them together forever. I love it when parents come to me with a specific idea in mind, especially when it involves tiny baby tushies and a sweet baby girl!

The beauty of this simple, beautifully lit session is that it highlights the baby and truly captures all the aspects of this stage of her life. We utilized natural light to give this trio this clean modern feel, and the results were adorable and timeless portraits that will always remind mom and dad of this special time. I must say, I am a little jealous, because the babies don’t stay little (as hard as we try to make them), and my kids are so far past this baby stage. This sweet girl will be talking and toddling before her parents can even blink! Savor every moment with your kids, because they grow up so quickly.

“Here’s to you // Every missing tooth // Every bedtime story 
Here’s to Barbie cars, light saber wars // Sleeping in on Sunday 
Had to crawl //Before you walked // Before you ran 
Before I knew it //You were teaching me //The only thing love can” 
-Slow Down (see the touching music video here if you haven’t already seen it everywhere on Facebook!)

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