Some clients schedule sessions on a whim, or because they have an idea or a concept. Others have specific reasons for scheduling a portrait session, and in this family’s case, they had just planted roots in some new digs! Apparently they chose the house plan on a website similar to and I have to admit, the new home is beautiful. It’s no surprise that they wanted me to take pictures there! I would love to build my own home one day. Their big move to a new home was the perfect motivator for updated photos for the walls, and images for a new home announcement card for friends and family. So clever! If you’ve just bought a new home from someone like Saussy Burbank, then why not celebrate with a photo shoot? A new home shoot can be done when you’ve moved your furniture and things inside, or when it’s empty, with lots of light coming through the windows! I’ve seen a few examples on Pinterest where families also did a session of the home they were moving out of, since they had so many memories there. Often a first home is a sweet place to capture, since sometimes it’s where you bring babies home to, or it’s your first home you’ve purchased together.

I was more than happy to oblige and met up with these crew, and they were such a lovely family. The young men were so well behaved, handsome, and sweet, and really hammed it up for my camera! I had a great time. Mom specially requested shots that showcased the new home’s spacious yard and fun features (like the doors, similar to some a friend of ours got from, so we made sure to capture a few around all the areas of the home. I love the one of the boys together on the curb, and the one of the whole family in the yard. We are planning to do a lot with our backyard so there is a part fo me that wishes we had waited until then to get some of these photographs. We have recently noticed a lot of Log Cabins for sale so we can’t wait to get hold of one and transform our space into the dream garden we have always wanted.

Here are some highlights.

farmingdale family photographer 06
Farmingdale family photographer backyard farmingdale family photographer brothers new homefarmindale family photographer 02Farmingdale Family Photographer 03Farmingdale family photographer 04farmingdale family photographer 05farmingdale family photographer 06farmindgale family photographer new home 02farmingdale family photo at new homefarmingdale child photographer 01farmingdale child photographer 02farmingdale family photographer in backyard farmingdale family photographer backyard 04

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