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    If you are looking for a fun creative photographer, you've come to the right place. Leslie is known for her breezy, natural, and heart felt style. When you book a portrait session with Leslie, you are signing up for a memorable meaningful experience that will stay with you for years to come. So come on in, make yourself comfortable, and get to know Leslie Renee Photography. And while you are at it, take a quick moment to like my Facebook page.

I love doing weddings because of the natural joy and love that surrounds them, but I get even more excited when I meet a couple and we have a real connection. This is one of those couples. More than just clients, I found that we had a real ease with each other. These two have an earthy, natural, and laid back way about them that I loved so much. The talented bride designed almost all the decor herself, and it came out perfectly. Every detail from the flowers in her hair to the wood accents and the lovely green of the bridesmaids dresses all worked together. It transformed this castle that dated back to the 1880’s into a modern-day wood nymph’s haven. It was sophisticated yet rustic and earthy, and suited the couple. The bridal dress even had a whimsical feel, and it was beautiful and flowing.

This wedding actually took place almost two years ago at the Scully Estate on the Seatuck Conservatory in Islip, NY.  I updated the images with my current editing style and like them even more.  They are more natural and breezy now, and I feel back in love all over again!


This last image kills me.  The look in her eyes makes me want to tear up.  No image is more successful than the image that conveys emotion.

I love a rustic, earthy, and outdoor wedding! If you or someone you know is planning a wedding that fits that description, call me at 516.425.2590 or email me at lesliebrighteyes@gmail.com for more information.

Thanks for sharing this journey!

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When kids grow up, move away, and begin families of their own, it can become very difficult to get quality time together. However, I can share from personal experience that the distance makes the time you do get together so meaningful and valuable. I recently met this lovely family, who wanted to mark their coming-together with a fun, breezy, and heartfelt session. The grandma brought her three beautiful daughters and four adorable grandchildren together to make priceless memories, and to capture photographs to commemorate their time together. These portraits will hopefully remind her of the hugs and kisses and hold her over until their next visit! I loved using the swings and the sand to let the kids run freely, and was delighted to sneak in some maternity photos for the amazing mamas-to-be.

In addition to supplying beautiful children, this sweet matriarch chose a gorgeous location on a sleepy little neighborhood beach. I love the feel of the beach for children and family portraits because it feels so free and relaxed. Everyone can enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and the crisp ocean breeze as we move through their sessions. This is exactly the way I love to capture families!





This last image may be one of my all-time favorites.  I love how all the children are playing together yet each is doing their own project. The triangular composition keeps your engagement, and it looks like something I’d love to hang on my own wall. It is more than just a portrait of what the children look like; it is a snapshot of this time in their lives.

Perhaps you have family coming to town, or maybe the whole family lives close by; either way, if you would love to create some fun memories and beautiful images, give me a call at 516.425.2590 or email me at lesliebrighteyes@gmail.com for more information.

Thanks for stopping by!

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When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts.
A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.
-Sophia Loren

Motherhood is joy, beauty, and fearless love all bound up into one! I love getting the privilege of meeting so many delightful moms in my profession…moms are often the ones booking family shoots, desiring precious memories, and getting children and spouses dressed up and ready for sessions. Maybe it is because they feel the tug and pull of time, maybe they feel their children growing up too fast, or maybe they just want to savor the moments well. Whatever the reasons, I find extra special joy in capturing the special relationship between a mom and their child. These sweet Mommy & Me mini sessions featured moms and their little ones, and this family below was just so wonderful. Mom had a great relationship with her daughters, which made for many smiles, and their cute, coordinating outfits made it even more fun. Mom wore a bright and cheery pink top, that coordinated with the chambray tops worn by the daughters. Aren’t they beautiful?! The sisters also stole the spotlight, with unposed and natural poses that flowed easily because of their genuine love for each other. What a fun day, and with the lush greenery around us, I couldn’t have asked for much more.

For more of my family sessions, click here!


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Hallockville Museum Riverhead Engagement Photos

Love one another and you will be happy.
It’s as simple and as difficult as that.  ~Michael Leunig

Although I am known best for my family and children’s portrait work (which I love), I also love photographing sweet couples. After all, every great family starts with a great couple! I love photographing connection and emotion, and engagement sessions are just that; the couples are full of so much joy and excitement. Doing engagement portraits is a special treat! This couple had no idea they were so beautiful and charming…they totally put up with me telling them to snuggle with my camera in their faces! They also had a ton of fun together, which is reflected in their shots.

I also must talk about this incredible location! Hallockville Museum Farm in Riverhead on Long Island is exactly what it sounds like; a museum about what farming was like in the 1800s on Eastern Long Island.  There is old farming equipment, buildings, and exhibits that give the visitors a sense of what things where like back then for farmers.  The grounds are beautiful and so is the surrounding country-side.  I was completely in love! I loved this romantic session, and I wish these two many, many years of happiness!


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Long Island Beach Club Family Session

There’s many perks to doing what you genuinely love, but one major one is that I get to work in gorgeous locations like the sunlit beach on a summer evening, or in the colors of nature in the fall. Then, there are times that I get to work in exceptionally amazing places, like this one. The Catalina Beach Club in East Atlantic Beach on Long Island is truly a dream come true for any photographer, especially one that loves light, like I do. This locale is overflowing with art deco charm, whitewashed walls, and cheery pops of yellows and pinks. There are also architectural offerings, like paneling and columns. And, of course, there is the beach, always ready for little feet to grace it with their joy.

Besides the aesthetic beauty, there was the sweetness of this wonderful family, a young couple with the cutest two year old twins ever. Let me share why I love photographing two year olds: they just love to do their own thing! Some photographers might find that frustrating or hard to work with, but I love that there is very little posing and sitting, and a whole lot of laughter and hugs and kisses. The best part is that the sessions take on a feel of that very moment, captured forever. Those kinds of images are my favorite. Enjoy!




I want to thank the gorgeous E family for allowing me to be their photographer.  It is a special treat to spend time with these little cuties and their parents!

This Long Island beach club is a place this young family spends lots of time at.  If you have a special place your family loves, call me at 516.425.2590 or email me at LeslieBrightEyes@gmail.com and let’s schedule your family portrait session!

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