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Vacation Photos | Oceanside Family Photographer

Here in the north east, it was February break last week.  That is an entire week off of school for reasons unbeknownst to me.  It was also in the single digits fahrenheit!  Luckily, the fam and I headed south to visit family and in the process skipped the coldest days in decades.  Frankly, I’m not sure I could have sustained my general good cheer through that kind of torture.  Did I mention the kids would have been home?

At any rate, we skipped Antarctica week and visited that home away from home for New Yorkers, Florida.  Because the airlines are in cahoots with school system, we decided to make it a road trip.  Boy where the kids psyched.  I’m lying.  But it turned out to be very manageable and over all we had a fantastic family vacation.  Here are the vacation photos for this Oceanside Family Photographer to prove it.

4 year old running on the beach

Florida beach vacation

Natural light vacation photo

Florida Beach vacation

playground fun

girls climb trees

in home tv time

hanging out at home

in home hanging out

goofing off in hot tub

boys playing pentago

cousins playing in the hot tub

cousins playing on ipad

Florida Pool roomdance party with cousinsHot tub fun with cousinssebastion inlet parkSebastian Inlet State ParkSebastian Inlet State Park beach


Hemlock Hike Florida

tree tops zip line Brevard Zootree obstaclesfeeding sting rays at Brevard ZooBrevard Zoo play boatfeeding giraffes at Brevard ZooKayaking with giraffes

Harry Potter World Universal Orlando

Universal Park Springfield Chief Wiggum


Krusty an asshole

Universal Park logo

minutes before leaving disney

dad and son snuggle

Family Vacation Photos Long Island Natural Light Portrait Photorapher

As you can see it was a very well rounded trip that included cousin bonding, nature appreciation, and a good dose of pop culture.  I take a lot of photos, a lot, but vacation photos are my favorite.  These are the images that will bring back the sites, smell, and feel of the days we spent in Florida this year.  These are the images that we will look back on years later, probably as evidence that we do in fact take them places and that we are in fact fun parents.  But seriously, this last photo is going on my wall.  It will be THE image that represents this trip because it tells you in a split second why we traveled by car through nasty weather: to be with family.  Cousins are an awesome thing and though they live seven states away now, the relationship will continue.

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Rediscovering Film Photography Long Island Natural Light Portrait Photographer

She’s here!  My very special new friend arrived in the mail today.  No I’m not getting a mail order bride.  My new bestie is a Nikon FM circa 1980.  She is a film camera.  Now I haven’t worked a film camera in over fifteen years and I haven’t used an SLR film camera in almost twenty.  This is going to be an adventure!  And it’s an adventure that I am sharing with you.

You might be wondering why someone would mess with the hassles of rediscovering film photography when we have the convenience of digital these days.  It has been suggested in multiple photography circles that going back to basics and stopping relying on the safety of digital can only increase a photographer’s skill.  Well I am always looking to push myself and be the best possible photographer I can be, so of course I am in.  And I have to say, I was as excited to get this thirty-five year old $90 camera as I was to get my professional grade dslr that cost way way more.  I absolutely squealed with joy when I saw the package on my front steps.  But, then again, who doesn’t love a new toy.

Here she is; isn’t she adorable!

Rediscovering Film Photography Long Island natural Light portrait photographer

I’ve got her loaded with black and white and she’s all ready to go. I just need to take that first snap.  Over the next week, I will be choosing my moments carefully to use up my 24 roll.  I’m crazy curious to see how applying everything I know and use in digital photography to film works.

Challenges I will face:

  • Using a hand held light meter
  • Using Manual Focus
  • Not having and LCD screen

The first two challenges will significantly slow down the process of making a photograph.  The last strips me of any reassurance that the process went well.

As soon as I have something to share, I will share it there.  Welcome to Film Fridays.  Thank you for joining me on this journey in rediscovering film photography.


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Winter Couple Portraits Astoria Park|Long Island Portrait Photographer

Today’s session spotlight features winter couple portraits at Astoria Park with an absolutely lovely couple that I am so pleased to have spent some time with.  But let’s just talk about the location first.  I used to live in Sunnyside when my girl Lana was a first born.  I used to take her for walks that first spring at Astoria Park, but hadn’t been there in ten years.  I was so happy to get to visit it again.  As I told my awesome couple, I grew up in Indiana so one of the things that always fascinated me about the city is city parks.  I find them uniquely beautiful and I would visit as many as I could.  This one, as many others in the area, have grand architectural features.  These are such a treat for a photographer.  I especially loved the huge arches.   Then of course we had the perfect winter atmosphere, right down to the kids sledding down the hills, and it all made for a beautiful place to spend some time on a Sunday afternoon.

But let me be clear, the real treat was the couple.  I knew I liked them in the first two minutes of meeting them.  They were excited for the session!  And whenever my subjects are excited, I am excited because that almost guarantees a perfect session.  The other thing that made me love them is they had big warm friendly smiles from start to finish.  If you know me at all, you know that I often sport a goofy grin myself, so I let’s just say we got along famously.  E & B where fun and up for anything.  At one point I was pretty sure E was going to commandeer some kids sled for a sledding pic.  Not so after all, but I have no doubt she could have pulled it off with charm.  I could talk all day about the cute pair, but the better way to get to know them is to check out this awesome session of winter couple portraits Astoria Park.  Here ya go.


queens couple at astoria parkengagement session at Astoria ParkAstoria Park couple sessionastoria queens couple portraitscouple walk  in Astoria ParkLong Island couple at Astoria Parka couple sitting at Astoria Parkcuddling couple at Astoria Parkkiss on the cheek at Astoria Parkkiss on the forehead at Astoria Parklong island engagement portraitsLong Island couple portraits at Astoria Parkcouples portraits at Astoria Parkcheek to cheek queens engagementcute long island couple at astoria parkForrest Hills Couple at Astoria Parkcouple kissing by triboro bridge

What did I tell you?  Adorable, right?!  I particularly love this last image.  It reminds of a all those New York love story movies, especially in black and white.

Two lessons you should take away from this session feature.  First: E & B are a super cute couple and have years and years of adorableness to come.  Secondly: Don’t be afraid of winter portrait sessions.  Cold whether has it’s brand of beauty and it should be taken advantage of.

As always, I want to thank you for stopping by and please come back again.  Also, if you have a sense of adventure, hit the contact button above so we can chat about your very own winter portrait session.

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  • Lauren - noses touching?!?! love it. she’s got a beautiful smile and you did a wonderful job of making the rest of us feel their love!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Shira Litch - Hi :) What is your pricing? I’d like to do an engagement shoot in April or early May. thanksReplyCancel

    • LeslieBrightEyes - Hi Shira :) I am emailing you now with that info.ReplyCancel

  • Anna Dammert - Gosh, these are REALLY really gorgeous images Leslie! Excellent job!! The colors and the mood are just perfect.ReplyCancel

Oceanside In Home Newborn Family Session

Let me tell you what a lucky girl I am.  I get to hang out with super cool families like the one you are about to meet in this blog post.  They are sweet and fun and a so easy to just hang with.  It can be a little weird going into someone’s home, bossing them around, moving there stuff and all around getting up in their bid-ness.  So it’s always a treat to be around cool people who are up for anything.  Thank you for making me feel so comfortable!

Did I mention that in addition to two good looking big kids, they have a tiny piece of heaven that I got to love on?  What a treat!

Every family’s dynamic is unique and this one is no exception.  The big siblings are about 9 & 11 years older than their new baby sister.  What a completely different prospective that must be as an older sibling.  And the flip side is being the little one and having two big older soles looking out for you and giving you advice as you make your way through childhood.  I have not doubt that they will have a lovely and unique relationship over the years.

The other thing I want to mention before I actually show you the beautiful images from this Oceanside In Home Newborn Family Session, is that I know it’s cold outside and there are many inches of snow on the ground, but winter is a great time to get family photos done.  In home sessions are a great way to document life as it is and are just as beautiful as outdoor sessions.  Your house does not have to be Better Homes and Gardens or Architecture Digest worthy.  Just be you and let the beauty happen.

Check out this Oceanside In Home Newborn Family Session and see what I mean.

Rockville Centre Family Lifestyle sessionLong Beach In home newborn sessionBellmore in home family lifestyle sessionoceanside big sister with baby sister in home sessionLong Beach newborn lifestyle in home sessionOster Bay Lifestyle in home sessionOceanside boy in home sessionnewborn lifestyleboy playing in home sessionOceanside baby in cribLong Beach in home family sessionMineola lifestyle sessionlong island in home newborn sessionLong Beach baby girl in crib portraitOceanside Lifestyle Newborn sessionRockville Centre Lifestyle 2 month old sessionRockville centre two month old in home sessionSharon12in home daddy and baby girl session long islandoceanside two month old newborn in home sessionOceanside Lifestyle In home family sessionLong Island Lifestyle sessionRockville Centre family photosSharon15mommy and baby in home portrait sessionLong Beach family photosOceanside Big Sister and brother holding newbornnewborn on a bed photosOceanside big brother family photosLong Island brother and sister jumping on bedOceanside family photosLong Island In home newborn sessionHewlett in home session newbornRockville Centre in home family newborn sessionOceanside In Home Newborn Family Session

See, what’d I tell you; mazing lifestyle portraits for an amazing family.  The image where the baby is trying to suck on mom’s nose gets me so bad.  I remember my little guy doing that at this age and then going in for big sloppy kisses as he got older.

Hit the contact button above or call/text me 516.425.2590 for more information on your in home Lifestyle portrait session.  Thank you for stopping by and see you next time.



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Family Photos Point LookOut Beach

Outside the snow is blowing and great big fluffy snowflakes are dancing around.  It’s a beautiful sight;  from inside my warm cozy house.  And though you can bet I will be venturing out there later to get some fun snow photos with my kids, at this moment, I am going to revisit a warmer day when I took these family photos Point Lookout Beach Park from last September.

This is one of my favorite family photo sessions ever for a few different reasons.  First of all, the lovely mom in these images is a friend and a fellow photographer.  You can see her beautiful work her at Diane French Photography.  You know what that means?  The pressure was on!  I knew right away I had to step up my game because she would see all the little technical details that maybe my average client might not pick up on.

I am happy to report that we are both crazy happy with the resulting images.  Mom did an awesome job of dressing the family for the session.  They coordinate so nicely in those rich muted tones.  So that was a major plus.  Then, when you have boys of this age, the vibe immediately becomes playful.  This is quite clear in the images.  They are having a seriously good time, as was I.

Check it out: Family Photos Point Lookout Beach

family of four rustic colors point lookoutnatural mom and son at Point Lookout Beachnatural rustic family on the beachbreezy family of four in earthy colorssunflare and playful kids at the beachplayful family at Point Lookout Beachdad and son playing on the beach in earthy colorsbrother and their parents on the beach in earthy colorsmom snuggling with her boys at the beachmommy and son kisses at Point Lookout Beachmom and dad with boys on the beach in earthy colorsbig brother and little brother running from the waviesBellmore Family PhotograherMerrick Family PhotographerSeaford Family PhotographerFamily Photos Point Lookout Beachtoes at Point Lookout Beachearthy boy at beach jettylittle brothers on the beach jettymom and day and guitar at beach

It may be January outside, but it’s not too soon to plan your family photos Point Lookout Beach.  Contact me today to schedule your natural breezy heartfelt family portrait session.

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  • Annmarie - I am obsessed with this session! You did such a fantastic job!! Love Love!! The French family did such a great job on the styling… What a perfect match you too!ReplyCancel

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