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    If you are looking for a fun creative photographer, you've come to the right place. Leslie is known for her breezy, natural, and heart felt style. When you book a portrait session with Leslie, you are signing up for a memorable meaningful experience that will stay with you for years to come. So come on in, make yourself comfortable, and get to know Leslie Renee Photography. And while you are at it, take a quick moment to like my Facebook page.

What do you do with a brand new, natural light studio (see the studio story here)? You have your twelve-year-old daughter and her friend model for you to try it out. It doesn’t hurt that they are both stunning young ladies who don’t mind glamming things up for me in my studio. They found some really fun, pretty outfits and off we went! We even found some little blossoms to add to their hair.

I really did not anticipate falling in love with my studio as much as I did. I love it. There is no denying the natural light, which flows in through the french door I chose. It’s special and I adore using it. Natural light creates beautiful, flawless skin tones, and of course, my beautiful models were naturally lovely. I was a happy girl!

Check out this spontaneous session with two gorgeous girls and you can really see the potential a studio portrait session can be.  If you’ve ever wondered about a studio session, or are wanting new headshots or modeling shots, please let me know! thirteen year old window lightteen girl magazine style photosteen magazine style photo shootteen girl studio shootmagazine style teen photo shootlong island teen magazine style photo shootteenage magazine style photo shoot in long island studio

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I know I’ve been sharing lots of personal projects and new inspiration here on the blog…it must be the summer of learning for me! I have a new interest in my work in the visual arts, which actually isn’t that surprising considering my photography. I have been taking a course called Make Films with Xanthe Berkeley. (Find her here)  I am so inspired!  I have found that when it comes to documenting my kids and our family life, something was missing.  Some photographers are killer at the documentary thing (like my friend Lauren at LKSquared Photography).  Videography is an art form in itself, and I just felt I did not have the eye for it.

So, what happens is I get a million portraits of my kids when really you only need a handful of great portraits a year, and a few environmental portraits a month.  These little movies are the perfect answer!  They tell a story and have an artistic point of view.  I make a one minute movie and then a 15 second version for Instagram.  The result is a very cool time capsule of family life.  I highly recommend the class.  It’s very affordable, at about a hundred dollars and Xanthe really makes it fool-proof.  If you need further evidence, check out the first few movies I made below.  I am only  few lessons in so I hope to get a lot better at this! It is the perfect combination for me of movement and creativity!



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“At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment.
We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.” -Sandy Gingras

I believe that every family needs a beach session, at some point in their lives! I am pretty sure I will never, ever get tired of shooting on the beach. The best part about being near the water, is that all people (whether little or grown), can’t help but truly relax, with the warm breeze in their hair and soft sand between their toes. This relaxation and fun comes through in every beach session, and makes for lovely photographs.

This sweet family of four was an absolute joy to be with, and are quite photogenic, I must say! Girls the ages of these sisters are rarely afraid of the camera, so they were so much fun to work with. Sisters always have such a unique dynamic, and I truly hope every pair (or trio) of sisters that I get to photograph can look back on their sister photos with love and affection!  And dad was so sweet and cute with all his girls. The colors and feel of this session embodies just about all I love as a photographer:  breezy, heartfelt and natural family portraits filled with genuine happy emotions. We even caught the most perfect sunset!


Merrick Family Photographer Leslie Renee PhotographyNew York Family Photographer in Long BeachMerrick New York Family Photographer

Leslie Renee Photography Merrick Family Photographer

Merrick family of four in Long BeachFamily of four beach portraits in Long BeachMerrick Family Photographer 04Merrick Family Photographer 05couple photos on the beach Long Beach Family of four on the beach Long Beach New Yorksisters on the beach Long Beach New Yorkteen girl on the beach Long Beach New Yorkteenage girl photos on the beach Long Beach New Yorklittle girl on the beach photos Long Beach New York

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Today’s post is for all you design junkies! It’s a fun before-and-after, except I may have forgotten a before photo…my bad! I am bursting with excitement over my brand new studio space though, and I think you’ll love it too. My old, stuffy, and over-crowded garage is now my clean and modern studio. The transition was pretty straight forward, as it was a standard one-car garage; you can use your imagination to imagine a garage full of junk! The contractor finished the walls and ceilings, and added this beautiful tile that resembles wood.

The biggest transformation happened when we replaced that boring garage door with glass french doors that let in tons of natural light. I wanted my space to look comfortable, welcoming and polished, so when a friend mentioned online designers, my interest was piqued. I am a pretty creative person with lots of ideas, but sometimes am not that great at the editing and execution for interior design. I decided to give it a try and went to Havenly.com to get started.  First, you take a quiz to determine your decor style so that they can match you with a designer.  I was matched with Claren.  I filled out another questionnaire that would guide Claren in designing the space.  I told her what my needs for the space were,  how I would be using it, and what my budget was.  Then I uploaded photos of the space along with measurements.  After a few days, she uploaded a couple of design concepts.  These were preliminary mood boards that give you an idea of where the designer is going with the information provided to her.  I then rated the mood boards and commented on what I like and don’t like.  After this process, the designer takes time to virtually design the space and send back renderings of the design.  From there, you can send back and make adjustments as needed.  I believe you get one or two additional redesigns but I was happy with my first rendering!  All the items in the rendering are available for purchase, which makes things so easy and fun.

I was so impressed with this service.  It is such a great way to get the help of an interior designer without the major cost.  I had to share it with you, because I had no clue these things existed and if someone hadn’t shared this with me, I’d still be clueless.  I’ve included photos of the empty space, the mood boards, the final rendering, as well as photos of my decorated space.  You can see that my final space is a little different from what the decorator sent me, and that is because I need my tiny space to function for many things.  I made it work for me!

Leslie Renee Photography Studio in Oceanside NYEmptyStudio01

natural light home studio designHavenly design service for natural light stuio

Garage studio design New York portrait photographyStudio Design service Havenly

I’d love to hear about your experience with a design service like this!

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When friends and family visit my beloved New York, I always get excited. It allows me another opportunity to become a tourist! After all, I am just a girl from Indiana, and when friends visit, I get to see the city through the eyes of a small town girl again. New York is the most fun when I can get giddy with other out-of-towners.

Now, the actual logistics of getting true family photos in Times Square is a little bit tricky! Obviously the crowds usually fill the area, but we tried for 8am on a Sunday morning to get less people in our backgrounds. This fabulous family came all the way from Minnesota to get their dreamy shoot, and we did it! We got beautiful, modern and urban family photos for them to remember their trip by (how awesome are these colors??). Then, we made our way to the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park; actually, a part of the park I had never been to, so that was really cool. There is also a little lake called Harlem Meer that was home to many turtles, and fish too, apparently! I love the look on mom’s face in these…she is lovely, and radiant with love for her family. They were beautiful and so great to work with.

Coming to New York? I’d love to capture your family!

Times Square Family PhotographerCentral Park Family PhotographerTimes Square Family PhotographerTimes Square Family PhotographerNew York City Family PhotographerLong Island Family Photographer Times Square photos

Central Park Family PhotographerNew York City Family PhotographerCentral Park photographer mom and sonsLong Island Family Photographer Central ParkCentral Park photos Long Island photographerLong Island family photographer at Harlem Meer

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