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One year old. How that first year flies by…turning those itty bitty swaddled babes into mobile, toothy, laughing little sweeties! That first year transforms both parents and child, bonding them together forever. I love it when parents come to me with a specific idea in mind, especially when it involves tiny baby tushies and a sweet baby girl!

The beauty of this simple, beautifully lit session is that it highlights the baby and truly captures all the aspects of this stage of her life. We utilized natural light to give this trio this clean modern feel, and the results were adorable and timeless portraits that will always remind mom and dad of this special time. I must say, I am a little jealous, because the babies don’t stay little (as hard as we try to make them), and my kids are so far past this baby stage. This sweet girl will be talking and toddling before her parents can even blink! Savor every moment with your kids, because they grow up so quickly.

“Here’s to you // Every missing tooth // Every bedtime story 
Here’s to Barbie cars, light saber wars // Sleeping in on Sunday 
Had to crawl //Before you walked // Before you ran 
Before I knew it //You were teaching me //The only thing love can” 
-Slow Down (see the touching music video here if you haven’t already seen it everywhere on Facebook!)

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No matter who are you are as a woman (a wife, a mom, a business woman, entrepreneur, or homemaker), I think we all want to feel beautiful; to feel like who we are and what we look like is enough. That’s where the inspiration for this set of photos is from. A few months ago, I was so honored to attend a workshop with the renowned Sue Bryce.  She is known world-wide for her incredibly modern portrait work. This is a women who has single-handedly taken the idea of cheesy glamour photography from the 80’s and 90’s, and turned it into a modern art form.  She comes from a place of making women feel truly beautiful.  The whole process is so much fun.  With hair, make-up, and fabulous wardrobe, it’s playing dress-up for grown women.  It’s like a day at the spa for your soul!

It’s not just about pretty photos, and pretty is such an understatement. These are truly about finding that self love that so many of us struggle with.  Of course, the girls below are gorgeous models (though not professional) but I promise you that every woman can find their inner cover girl and rock a session just like this. I’m super into this and you can be sure to see more of this genre of portrait photography in my future.

Who will be joining me?

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Well, it might have taken me a year (eep!) to post my travel shots from my New Orleans adventuring, but Charleston is locked and loaded just two weeks later! Woohoo! This was my first visit to beautiful Charleston, and it did not disappoint. It is a charming, eclectic city with a whole lot of personality. Of course, you can’t have a great trip without great food, and I was able to sample some of the best cuisine in the city, thanks to Anna Dobrenski, who lent her food expertise as I made my sections. If you’re ever in Charleston, make sure to have the shrimp and grits at S.N.O.B (Slightly North of Broad).  So, so, so good!

I took this trip with a group of photographers, so of course, we included the “Picture Perfect” historical walking tour.  I highly recommend calling Joyce at Charleston History Tours’ Perfect Picture walking tour.  She does an incredible job of sharing an abundance of historical information about some of the oldest parts of Charleston.  On top of that, she gives you great tips for photographing the gorgeous architecture of some seriously historical buildings. I learned a ton, and also was able to document that part of the trip.

Some other highlights of the trip included Sullivan’s Island beach (a beautiful public beach with gentle water and pretty sand!), Magnolia Plantation, and my new most favorite place on earth, Angel Oak Tree. I cannot wait to get back to Charleston someday, to spend even more time at these lovely places!







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Over the years as a photographer, I’ve discovered that I absolutely love shooting at beach clubs! There is something undeniably beautiful about the bright sunshine and pretty sand that makes it the perfect spot to capture deep jewel tones and hues that you can’t find anywhere else! Lucky for me, this lovely young lady had her Bat Mitzvah at The Sands Beach Club in Atlantic Beach.  The sunshine, white washed architecture,  and the azure doors that match that stunning dress make for really gorgeous images that will definitely make mom smile! They are a beautiful way to commemorate such a special occasion.

I was all smiles the whole day as I tried to capture all the fun memorable moments, because I’ve known this family for several years. I first met the girl of honor when she was just a wee one in the early elementary school years.  Now she is a middle schooler and a teenager!  It was a treat to see the family so happy, and having so much fun celebrating their oldest daughter because I know what a lovely and close-knit family they are.  They glowed with joy and love. Congrats to the W Family!

Enjoy these bright and cheery beach club images! And for more information about a session of your own, please contact me here.

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Some clients schedule sessions on a whim, or because they have an idea or a concept. Others have specific reasons for scheduling a portrait session, and in this family’s case, they had just planted roots in some new digs! Their big move to a new home was the perfect motivator for updated photos for the walls, and images for a new home announcement card for friends and family. So clever! A new home shoot can be done when you’ve moved your furniture and things inside, or when it’s empty, with lots of light coming through the windows! I’ve seen a few example on Pinterest where families also did a session of the home they were moving out of, since they had so many memories there. Often a first home is a sweet place to capture, since sometimes it’s where you bring babies home to, or it’s your first home you’ve purchased together.

I was more than happy to oblige and met up with these crew, and they were such a lovely family. The young men were so well behaved, handsome, and sweet, and really hammed it up for my camera! I had a great time. Mom specially requested shots that showcased the new home’s spacious yard and fun features, so we made sure to capture a few around all the areas of the home. I love the one of the boys together on the curb, and the one of the whole family in the yard.

Here are some highlights.

farmingdale family photographer 06
Farmingdale family photographer backyard farmingdale family photographer brothers new homefarmindale family photographer 02Farmingdale Family Photographer 03Farmingdale family photographer 04farmingdale family photographer 05farmingdale family photographer 06farmindgale family photographer new home 02farmingdale family photo at new homefarmingdale child photographer 01farmingdale child photographer 02farmingdale family photographer in backyard farmingdale family photographer backyard 04

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