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Rustic Barn Wedding in Long Island NY

When people find out I am a photographer, they usually ask if I photograph weddings.  The short answer is yes, I photograph weddings.  But I don’t take on just any wedding that I can get.  I will only take on weddings that fit my style of photography.  I am primarily a natural light photographer and therefore, I only take on outdoor weddings or weddings in venue with an abundance of natural light.  Places like the beach, vineyards, B&Bs, and even backyards.   In addition to setting my self up for success and by sticking to what I know best,  I end up working with brides and grooms that have similar sensibilities and esthetics.  This is so important because I end up forming a deeper connection with the bride and groom and it shows very much in the final images.

This rustic barn wedding is a great example of the ideal location, styling, and over all vibe of the type of weddings I love to photograph.  The venue is a turn of the century red brick barn in the Pennsylvania country side.  The Pump House B&B has cathedral ceilings, huge windows, and barn doors.  Window light and lit candles created the perfect dramatic lighting for this very cool very stylish couple.  All the details of the wedding came together so perfectly; the dress, the cake, the decor, and the energy had a very hip, laid back feel that I adored.

Rustic Barn Wedding Long Island Photographer

Just Be Wedding Invitations

Long Island back lit bride


Long Island lace dress bride

hipster bride in lace

Long Island Barn wedding dress

Long Island couple natural light wedding

Long Island hipster couple



red brick bard wedding couple

red brick barn wedding dress and candles

rustic barn door wedding couple

Long Island Barn Wedding Venue

natural light wedding

The Pump House Bride in lace

Long Island Barn Door wedding couple

Long Island natural light bridal party barn door

Bloomsburg PA The pump house natural light barn wedding party

rustic barn wedding details

Pennsylvania rustic barn wedding


Fox Hill Farm Flowers

wedding lights


Long Island rustic wedding details

red barn wedding cake with flowers

picturesque rustic wedding cake

Long Island rustic wedding table setting

Rustic wedding table details

Long Island rustic barn wedding table details

Long Island edgy bridesmaids and bride

vintage dresses brides mades

Long Island Natural light Barn Wedding

Long Island vintage wedding dresses

Long Island natural light edgy wedding party

Long Island natural light barn wedding bridesmaid




Long Island tattooed bridesmaid

Long Island tattoo bridesmaid

edgy wedding party couple

Jack and coke groomsmen gift

Long Island barn wedding groomsmen

lavender wedding details

Bloomsberg red brick barn wedding party

There are many wedding photographer out there that will take on almost any wedding for the right price.  I am not one of those photographers.  I want to photograph weddings that fit into this very specific niche.  I want to show everything from the gorgeous bride and groom all the way down to the tiniest delicious detail in the most beautiful way.

So if you are planning a rustic, shabby chic, country, out door wedding or know someone that is, give me a ring and lets talk.

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Urban Parkour-Inspired Boys Pictures

Sometime you need a specific kid to inspire a specific kind of photo shoot.  My young friend “C” here, is did just that.  I love me a grassy field and sandy beach, but sometimes you have to get a little gritty, especially when dealing with boys.  I mean seriously, they are filthy little creatures when left to their own devices.  So let’s take it to the industrial part of town and see what we can find.  Oh and bring your skateboard.  And voila! Urban parkour inspired boys pictures happen!

I should tell you that my family, as well as Mr. C below, LOVES American Ninja Warrior.  We all gather around the television and marvel at what these people can do with their bodies. It’s inspiring.  What’s interesting is that it attracts a specific kind of contestant, many of whom are Parkour athletes so you hear a lot about this originally french practice throughout the show.  Well my young friend in this photo shoot is super into Parkour, and since it perfectly compliments the urban industrial setting, it was a great match all around.

Photographing boys is a blast because they are kinetic and dynamic.  It’s an exercise in capturing motion and unique personality.  We had a great time on this little adventure with my model here offering up tons of great ideas.  It’s always a great idea to let kids have a say in how they are photograph and it paid off is spades with this kid.  I will also mention that mom was right there the whole time and was cool with the climbing and jumping and all around hi jinx.

Urban Parkour Inspired Boys Picturesindustrial boy photo shootskateboard picturesparkour inspired photo shooturban boy photo shooturban inspired boys photosLong Island Natural Light Child Photographerboys urban portraitsboys in motion portraitsoceanside natural light portrait photographerboy and skateboard photosRockville Centre Natural light child photographerindustrial skateboard boys photossunglasses beanie skateboardparkour boys photosboys photosLong Beach natural light child photographerOceanside Parkour boys photosgraffiti boys photosparkour boys portraitsOceanside child photographerparkour jumping photoLong Island Parkour inspired child portraitsLong Island skateboard boys photosLong Beach skateboarding boys photosOceanside urban natural light photo shoot

If always make an effort to personalize each session.  I want the experience and the images to be meaningful.  So photos like these make me super happy.  And more importantly, they make Mr. C and his mom and day super happy.

Thanks for handing out with me and making this so much fun!

Thanks for stopping by.  If you’d like more information about a portrait session with Leslie Renee Photography, call me at 516.425.2590, email me at LeslieBrightEyes@gmail.com, or hit the contact tab at the top of the page.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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Film Friday | The First Roll

It came!  It took me A LOT longer than I anticipate to exhaust a roll of film.  Pushing that shutter took on a whole new importance.  Digital is all pixels and megabits and ariel, whereas film is physical and solid.  This does a real job on the mental aspect of making a photograph.

Let’s review the challenges of film photographer over digital, and add a couple that I forgot to consider.

  • Using a hand held light meter
  • Manual Focus
  • Absence of LCD screen
  • Fixed ISO
  • Max Shutter Speed of 1/1000

Turns out a hand held light meter is really super helpful when you have a fixed ISO with less shutter speed options.  You punch in the must settings and it gives you the variable.  It takes the guess work out completely.  As you can see from the images, I apparently over exposed a bit.  I think next time I will adjust accordingly.

Manual Focus was tough.  It was time consuming and I was never quite sure if I was there or not.  Turns out I did an ok job because only one is really out of focus.  I think that there is a more wiggle room in that department with film.

I thought the absence of LCD screen would be the hardest part, and I will admit that I have yet to break the habit of checking the back of the camera after every shot.  I’ll get there though.

Together, a fixed ISO and more limited shutter speed had the greatest effect on the way I make a photograph. Typically and as much as possible, I like to shoot with a pretty wide aperture.  However, the brighter the light and the few ways to control the amount of light, the harder it is to do that, since a wide aperture lets in more light.  I ended up shooting at f/5.8 and higher.

film Fridays Long Island Portrait PhotographyLong Beach natural light portrait photographyLong Beach natural breezy photographerOceanside child photographerLong Beach child photographerRockville centre child photographerrevisiting film photographyOceanside child photographerOceanside film photographyRockville Centre Child PhotographerRockville Centre natural light child photographerplaying with film photographyhaving fun with film photographygiving film photography a try

Film Photography My First Roll

All in all, I truly enjoyed my film camera.  Like, I mentioned above, I seemed to have over-exposed everything a little bit.  This has made the images super grainy.  I will work on my exposure with my next roll of film, which is color.  Each click of the shutter gets easier so I hope that I will get through this roll quicker than the last.

Thank you for stopping by and I’ll see you next time!

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Bailey Arboretum Family Photos

This session is from a few months back, but it needs to be shared anyway.  What a treat to photograph this amazing mom and her incredible kids.  It was a gorgeous autumn day.  We laughed and frolicked (definitely frolicked) and had a great time.  Bailey Arboretum is a fantastic place and you should go just to walk around and take it all in.  There are walking paths, a little lake, a wide range of flora, and these amazing trees called The Dawn Redwood.  All of this makes Bailey Arboretum a particularly good choice of setting for stunning family portraits in every season.  You will want to put those suckers all over your walls.

I can’t say enough about this family.  I loved spending time with them and I love the images we created that day.  They are some of my favorite photographs I’ve taken.

mom and kids at Bailey ArboretumOceanside brother and sister photooceanside 5th grader portrait7th grade boy portraitoceanside brother and sister by a lakeBailey Arboretum brother and sisterBailey Arboretum family photooceanside photo at Bailey Arboretumoceanside 12 year old at Bailey Arboretumnatural breezy portrait photographyoceanside portrait photographerRockville Centre teen photography

Rockville centre natural light photographyRockville Centre natural breezy portrait photographykids at Bailey Arboretumolder boy at Bailey arboretumRockville Centre tween photographyLong beach child photographyLong beach natural breezy photographyoceanside natural light portrait of a girlHewlet natural light photographylong island natural light portrait photographermother daughter natural light portraitNatural breezy natural light portraturenatural texture in photographbailey arboretum natural light portratureBailey Arboretum natural light photographernatural frame light portraitOceanside natural breezy natural light photographer

A fabulous location for a fabulous family.  Make sure to check out this mom’s blog here.  She has a lot of great insight into motherhood and so worth the read.

I want to thank these beautiful people for a killer session.  XOXO  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you next time.

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Girls Birthday Party Photo Shoot | Oceanside Portrait Photographer

You know that age?  The age where she starts to worry about how her hair looks and what outfit she is going to wear?  The age where she still gets really goofy, but starts showing her sophisticated side as well?  Well, I love this age.  It may be my favorite age to photograph. (Though between you and me, I think I say that about every age.)  This tween/preteen age is that time when physical appearance takes on new importance.  That is why portrait sessions for this age are so meaningful.  Seeing a photograph of themselves that they love can go a long way in maintaining kids’ self esteem.  Plus it’s always a really fun way to spend a couple of hours.  Consider marking the day with a fun photo shoot.  Add some besties in to make it a party and then do dinner afterwards to celebrate the birthday kid.  All the kids will walk away with beautiful portraits and fun memories.  These types of  photo shoots are a great idea for any age, but tweens and teens especially.

birthday girl and friends photo shootbirthday party photo shootBellmore eleventh birthday partybirthday party photo shoot BellmoreGirls birthday party photo shoot | Oceanside portrait photographerfriends photo shoot BellmoreBellmore photo shoot friendsbirthday photo shoot photo bombBirthday shoot with friends OceansideOceanside girls birthday party photo shootbirthday party photo shoot portraitfriends photo bomb birthday photo shootOceanside eleven year old birthday party shootBellmore friends photo shooteleven year old girls birthday party photo shoot BellmoreOceanside friends birthday shootcute friends birthday shoot OceansideBellmore photos shootfriends birthday photo shoot Oceansidebirthday party photo shoot on streets of bell moreOceanside 11 year olds birthday photo shoot in Bellmroegood time at birthday party photo shooteleven year old girls goofing aroundOceanside natural light portrait photographerOceanside natural light child photographerRockville Centre natural light portrait photographerRockville Centre natural light child photographerLong Beach natural light portrait photographerLong Beach natural light child photographerBellmore natural light portrait photographerBellmore natural light child photographerRockville Centre natural light teen photographerOceanside natural light teen photographerLong Beach natural light teen photographerrockville centre birthday party photo shootLong Beach birthday party photo shoot

I had so much fun with these girls.  In addition to be absolutely beautiful, they were full of ideas and their playfulness was contagious.  Much like me, they very much enjoyed this birthday party photo shoot.

In case you are wondering, these type of shoots last 90-120 minutes,  3-7 kids is ideal, and we have a little premiere party where I supply desert and everyone gets to see the slide show for the first time.  It’s a blast.  Email me at lesliebrighteyes@gmail.com or call me at 516.425.2590 to book a birthday party or friend photo shoot for your super star.  It can be as simple as going in with friends to create fabulous memories for a group of bffs.

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