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Rustic Barn Wedding | Long Island NY

Rustic Barn Wedding in Long Island NY

When people find out I am a photographer, they usually ask if I photograph weddings.  The short answer is yes, I photograph weddings.  But I don’t take on just any wedding that I can get.  I will only take on weddings that fit my style of photography.  I am primarily a natural light photographer and therefore, I only take on outdoor weddings or weddings in venue with an abundance of natural light.  Places like the beach, vineyards, B&Bs, and even backyards.   In addition to setting my self up for success and by sticking to what I know best,  I end up working with brides and grooms that have similar sensibilities and esthetics.  This is so important because I end up forming a deeper connection with the bride and groom and it shows very much in the final images.

This rustic barn wedding is a great example of the ideal location, styling, and over all vibe of the type of weddings I love to photograph.  The venue is a turn of the century red brick barn in the Pennsylvania country side.  The Pump House B&B has cathedral ceilings, huge windows, and barn doors.  Window light and lit candles created the perfect dramatic lighting for this very cool very stylish couple.  All the details of the wedding came together so perfectly; the dress, the cake, the decor, and the energy had a very hip, laid back feel that I adored.

Rustic Barn Wedding Long Island Photographer

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Long Island back lit bride


Long Island lace dress bride

hipster bride in lace

Long Island Barn wedding dress

Long Island couple natural light wedding

Long Island hipster couple



red brick bard wedding couple

red brick barn wedding dress and candles

rustic barn door wedding couple

Long Island Barn Wedding Venue

natural light wedding

The Pump House Bride in lace

Long Island Barn Door wedding couple

Long Island natural light bridal party barn door

Bloomsburg PA The pump house natural light barn wedding party

rustic barn wedding details

Pennsylvania rustic barn wedding


Fox Hill Farm Flowers

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Long Island rustic wedding details

red barn wedding cake with flowers

picturesque rustic wedding cake

Long Island rustic wedding table setting

Rustic wedding table details

Long Island rustic barn wedding table details

Long Island edgy bridesmaids and bride

vintage dresses brides mades

Long Island Natural light Barn Wedding

Long Island vintage wedding dresses

Long Island natural light edgy wedding party

Long Island natural light barn wedding bridesmaid




Long Island tattooed bridesmaid

Long Island tattoo bridesmaid

edgy wedding party couple

Jack and coke groomsmen gift

Long Island barn wedding groomsmen

lavender wedding details

Bloomsberg red brick barn wedding party

There are many wedding photographer out there that will take on almost any wedding for the right price.  I am not one of those photographers.  I want to photograph weddings that fit into this very specific niche.  I want to show everything from the gorgeous bride and groom all the way down to the tiniest delicious detail in the most beautiful way.

So if you are planning a rustic, shabby chic, country, out door wedding or know someone that is, give me a ring and lets talk.

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